David Hockney Portraits
26 May - 13 July 2018

  • Image de l'exposition
    Hockney, A Bigger Scrabble Players, 2015, 69 3/4 x 69 3/4 in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Hockney, Self Portrait I, 13 March 2012, 2012, 37 1/16 x 27 4/4 in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Hockney, Self Portrait IV, 25 March 2012, 2012, 37 1/16 x 27 4/4 in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Hockney, Michael Horovitz Reading the Crossword Page, circa 1980, 13 4/4 x 17 in

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Press Release

A year after the triumphant retrospective to celebrate his 80th birthday (Tate Britain, London – Centre Pompidou, Paris – Metropolitan Museum, New York), David Hockney is back with a series of drawings produced on iPad and iPhone. The twenty-three works are collected under the title of Pictures of Daily Life, and show interiors, flowers, animals, fruit bowls, familiar objects, the scenery from his window. Hockney’s work is a visual autobiography: he paints what surrounds him, whatever catches his ever curious and watchful eye. At the opening of his exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, David Hockney wrote on the wall: Love Life. This is his watchword, as he demonstrates once again here. In parallel with this exhibition organised in the rue de Téhéran, Galerie Lelong & Co. is opening an additional space at 38 avenue Matignon (Paris 8e) and will present an exhibition of Portraits by David Hockney. This consists of four new self-portraits (produced on iPad) and an anthology of portraits produced over the years using a variety of techniques.

A bilingual catalogue, Repères n° 172, with text by Didier Ottinger will be published.

The gallery will be closed from the evening of 27 July and reopens on the morning of 3 September 2018.

Next exhibition: 6 September to 10 October 2018: Joan Miró