Eduardo Chillida Gravures
6 april - 13 may 2017

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    Exhibition view
  • Image de l'exposition
    Chillida, La Mémoire et la main, , in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Chillida, Zeihartu IV, 1973, 31 1/8 x 23 13/16 in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Chillida, Hommage à Luis Bergareche (89012), 1990, in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Chillida, Hildokatu III (81011), 1981, 45 11/16 x 30 5/16 in

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Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002), one of the most remarkable sculptors of the second half of the 20th Century, never stopped examining space and shape, working with a variety of materials, including iron, wood, granite, alabaster, clay, as well as more contemporary materials such as concrete and steel. He also drew, cut-out, pasted and engraved. Chillida’s work on paper always occupied an important place in his creative process. The prints exhibited at the bookshop illustrate his need to address full and empty spaces in a twodimensional work. The density of the material is illustrated by the black; its absence is the white. Unless it is the other way around. When he engraves, Chillida traces the lines but he also studies the defects in the plate, creates others, selects the grain and the texture of the paper – matt, thick or smooth – and adopts sometimes surprising page layouts. The result is prints where space and material are omnipresent.
Many of Chillida’s sculptures are exhibited in public areas around the world: San Sebastian, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Basel, Grenoble. His works are also present in major public and private collections: Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), National Gallery (Washington) Guggenheim Museum (New York and Bilbao), Musée national d'art moderne du Centre Pompidou (Paris), Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid)... An attractive group of his works can be seen by appointment at the Chillida-Leku Museum in Hernani, in the Basque country.