Pierre Alechinsky à l’heure qu’il est
27 November 2014 – 7th February 2015

  • Image de l'exposition
    Alechinsky, Nord perdu, 2014, 100 7/8 x 143 13/16 in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Alechinsky, Niveau d'eau IX, 2013-2014, 56 3/4 x 29 1/8 in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Exhibition view
  • Image de l'exposition
    Alechinsky, ...D'exclamation I, 2014, 76 13/16 x 36 1/4 in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Alechinsky, Pôle I, 2013-2014, 37 1/16 x 36 13/16 in

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Press Release

2014 will have been a bountiful year for the painting of Pierre Alechinsky. Nord perdu, a spectacular Outremer work peopled by animal figures and surrounded by luminous monochrome marginalia, stands out as the flagship of the exhibition. It is accompanied by two sets of vertical paintings, each one organised around an engraved "porthole". This time the artist has not kept colour at a distance, unlike in his previous exhibition; reds, blues, yellows and greens are the guests at the party, demonstrating a surprising suppleness and freedom.

In his text for the catalogue, Didier Semin enthuses over this human dimension which is preserved throughout Alechinsky's work. In particular, he wrote: "Alechinsky’s world is not that of the cold waters of calculation, but one of rediscovered linkages, of the human scale and its amiable chaos, with rhythm cast aside. It all combines to encourage a sensitive experience, free of prejudice, of idiotic hierarchies and regulated lines”.

In the bookshop, a series of watercolours “around” an engraving.