Paris — New York
Günther Förg
" Standomi un giorno solo a la fenestra..." - 23 January - 07 March 2020
« Standomi un giorno solo a la fenestra… » is a verse from Petrarca that Günther Förg chose for the title of a series of 100 watercolours with an identical format, produced in 2001 for an exhibition at Galerie Lelong in Paris. This title aptly encapsulates the artist’s attitude: he stands at the window and he observes. He paints what he sees: a field, a cloud, a fence, the horizon, a country road, a tree. He paints what he thinks of: lines, marks, abstract signs. He even paints the window itself. And always with the light touch, the suppleness and the grace for which he is renowned.


Today, six years after the artist’s early demise, his work is the focus of great interest around the world. Two museum retrospectives, in Amsterdam and Dallas, recently left their mark, showcasing the richness and cohesion of his body of work. A good reason to take another look at a fine selection of these watercolours.

oeuvres Standomi 23 Günther Förg
Standomi 23
Günther Förg
Standomi 23, 2001. Watercolor on paper. 36 x 48 cm (14 1/4 x 19 in)
oeuvres Standomi 94 Günther Förg
Standomi 94
Günther Förg
Günther Förg, Standomi 94, 2001. Watercolor on paper. 36 x 48 cm (14 1/4 x 19 in)
oeuvres Untitled Günther Förg
Günther Förg
Günther Förg, Untitled, 2001. Watercolor on cardboard. 76 x 112 cm (30 x 44 in)

Günther Förg was born in 1952 in Füssen, Germany and died in 2013 in Freiburg in Switzerland. His works, paintings, sculptures, photographs and prints form part of the collections of the leading museums worldwide. Galerie Lelong has exhibited the artist since 1996.