Paris — New York
Richard Serra
Richard Serra: Nouvelles estampes - 12 March - 27 June 2020
Richard Serra (San Francisco, 1939) is one of the great contemporary sculptors, whose determination to build a substantial, rigorous (always black) and innovative body of engraved work is particularly remarkable. Having explored the resources of lithography then screen-printing in the 1970s and 1980s, for the last 30 years he has focused on etchings in small, medium and then especially in very large format.


The essence of Serra’s work as a sculptor is to transmit to the viewer a sensation of unstable equilibrium between a weight and its proportions. By constantly inventing, with his Californian printers, new procedures, new inks or mixtures and new methods of printing, he has brilliantly succeeded in transposing this research in the two dimensions of etching.

Elevational Weight 1
Richard Serra
Elevational Weight 1, 2016. Paintstick and silica. Edition of 28. 94 x 68,5 cm
Right Angle I
Richard Serra
Right Angle I, 2019. Paintstick and silica. Edition of 48. 46 x 38 cm
Right Angle III
Richard Serra
Right Angle III, 2019. Paintstick and silica. Edition of 28. 94 x 68,5 cm

In Spring 2018, Galerie Lelong & Co. presented the immense and imposing Rift works. This new exhibition will present the recently completed Right Angle from 2019, among others.