Paris — New York

Art Basel OVR 2020 : Cosmic Dancer

September 23 – 26, 2020
Art Basel "OVR:2020"
Leonardo Drew Samuel Levi Jones Jaume Plensa Fabienne Verdier
Galerie Lelong & Co. (Paris and New York), are pleased to participate in Art Basel "OVR:2020", with "Cosmic Dancer", an online showcase dedicated to works made in 2020 that will run from September 23 to September 26, 2020.

“Is it strange to dance so soon” begins the lyrics of the song "Cosmic Dancer", performed by the 70s band, T. Rex. The song continues with “the fear that dwells inside a man/what’s it like to be alone”, remarking on a twin experience of optimism and fear. This duality of hope in wanting to live fully through art amidst uncertainty has been common to all of us this past year. The artists in our viewing room are a small selection from the gallery who have transformed these universal experiences into something transcendent.

In her Paris home, Etel Adnan painted radiant and colorful paintings, depicting imaginary planets and satellites arranged in compositions, a completely new subject in her decades of practice. Nature has been a solace to many, but not within reach for all; Leonardo Drew’s Untitled 245 reveals a deep rift in the center of the sculpture, countered with the violent gesture of a cantilevered tree limb. Samuel Levi Jones uses a new diagonal composition that speaks to the shifting realities and movements in political power happening in the U.S. Alfredo Jaar’s sculpture, You and Me and the Others, was conceived as an exercise in poetic abstraction. The work invites the viewer to ponder our perceived identities and the way it impacts our understanding of others around us. Comprising three cubes of different materials, the work is activated by the viewer and becomes an interpretative self-portrait. In a period of working alone without assistants, Jaume Plensa made new drawings in his Barcelona home where the human head becomes a landscape of inner introspection, to see inside one’s own limitless imagination. Fabienne Verdier’s paintings were inspired by the summer solstice of June 21. She was especially interested during this period by the ambiguity of that moment when we enter summer, where the days have begun to shorten and winter is already on its way.

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