Fabienne Verdier Silencieuses coïncidences
30 November 2017 - 20 January 2018

  • Image de l'exposition
    Verdier, Blue Spirit, 2015, 63 1/16 x 47 7/8 in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Verdier, Branches et bourgeons, étude végétale, 2010, 47 7/8 x 59 5/16 in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Verdier, Etude du sedes sapientiae, étude n°3, 2012, 27 9/16 x 20 7/8 in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Verdier, Ascèse, 2015, 63 1/16 x 47 11/16 in
  • Image de l'exposition
    Verdier, Etude des reflets de l'eau, étude n°2, 2012, 37 13/16 x 20 11/16 in

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Press Release

In anticipation of an exhibition of paintings scheduled for autumn 2018, the gallery has chosen a group of large, brightly coloured screen-prints combined with a set of smaller black and white works for its very first Fabienne Verdier show. These prints, produced in her studio in Vexin and brought together for the show under the title of “Silencieuses coïncidences" ("Silent coincidences”) combine spontaneity, energy and controlled brushstrokes. Qualities which are all to be found in the 22 paintings included in the 50th anniversary edition of the Petit Robert dictionary, the creative process behind them being explained in Polyphonies (Le Robert & Albin Michel).

Fabienne Verdier was born in Paris in 1962 and graduated from the Ecole des beaux-arts in Toulouse. For more than ten years, she studied painting, aesthetics and philosophy at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, alongside the last great Chinese painting masters. She describes this experience in her book “Passagère du Silence” published by Albin Michel. Fabienne Verdier has succeeded in detaching herself from this teaching to apply her skills on an often monumental scale. She has also developed a very personal style where the echo of the techniques of the great Expressionists does not distract her from observing and listening to the rhythms of the world around her.

Fabienne Verdier regularly exhibits her work in Europe and Asia. She recently took part in large-scale collective exhibitions: at the Pinakothek in Munich (2017 and 2014), at the Musée Granet in Aix-en-Provence (2017), the National Museum of Art in Oslo, the Folkwang museum in Essen (2016), and the Centre Pompidou in Metz (2014). Her works feature in a number of collections from the MNAM Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Staat gemälde sammlungen à Munich or the Fondation Hubert Looser and the Kunsthaus in Zurich.

The gallery will be closed from Saturday 23 December to Tuesday 2nd January inclusive.