Paris — New York

Jiri Kolàr

Collagiste - Painter - Poet

Jiri Kolàr was born in 1914 in Protivin (Czech Republic). He died in 2002 in Prague.


Jiri Kolàr was born in 1914 in Protivin, Czech Republic. Died in 2002 in Prague. Jirí Kolár comes from a modest family. He studied carpentry before practicing various professions. He exhibited for the first time in 1937 collages « poétistes ». His creation takes form of collages using texts and images printed. In 1942, he founded « Groupe 42 » which celebrates « l'enchantement de la technique ». Banned from publication and exhibition during the period of « Normalisation », signatory of Charter 77, Jirí Kolár emigrated to Paris in 1980. It's in the French capital, he founded the journal  K devoted to artist of Czech origin living in exile.