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Christine Safa


Christine Safa was born in 1994, in Le Chesnay, France. She lives and works in Paris.


L'Ile intérieure Safa Christine
Group show
Christine Safa
29 April - 05 November 2023
Fondation Carmignac, Ile de Porquerolles, France


Christine Safa was born in 1994, in Le Chesnay, France. She lives and works in Paris. She received the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts Diploma. In 2021 she participated to a group exhibition at Lévy Gorvy Gallery in Paris. That same year she had her first solo show at Gallery Praz Delavallade. In 2022 she had a personal exhibition at the ICA of Milan, Italy, as well as participating to a group exhibition at the Pernod Ricard Foundation curated by Anael Pigeat and Sophie Vigourous. These are emotion-filled moments and places captured by memory. Faces and mountains mingle, as do silhouettes and horizons. In the light of an instant which memory has fixed. Figures in a landscape, as minimal as it is vibrant. A warm palette which evokes its Mediterranean origins. What it means to be here, simply but completely, that is what is being stated with an evident empathy by these sober and powerful paintings. “I see my paintings as tributes, fragments of memories, that which remains. That’s what I paint, what’s left. As I paint I give birth to the silhouette, the shape of the ruins of memories which both greet and are the victims of time ; which for me means my experience of these interior landscapes. Figures appear, disappear, become layer of paint. Colour becomes saturated or lets the light through. A discerning of emotional states, dictated by the quest of a familiar light.” — Christine Safa

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