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Hyunsun Jeon


Hyunsun Jeon was born in Seoul in 1989. She lives and works in Jeju (South Korea).


Color, Shape and Active Audience Jeon Hyunsun
Group show
Color, Shape and Active Audience
Hyunsun Jeon
21 June - 06 October 2024
GAM – Gyeongnam Art Museum, Changwon, Republic of Korea


Hyunsun Jeon's paintings evoke the world of fairy tales, where nature sometimes takes on disturbing twists and turns. Forests and green hills are synonymous with peace, tranquillity and contemplation, but they are also charged with dramatic intensity. Her compositions are dominated by green, blue and black. Executed in watercolour, small brushstrokes are juxtaposed to form pixelated images, often featuring geometric shapes with well-defined contours that seem to inhabit these imaginary landscapes. Jeon's paintings play on different perceptions of reality: shifts in perspective, mirrors or windows all create points of view that blur the lines and give free rein to daydreaming. The artist delights in the quirky, the unconventional, and this is reflected in the way her paintings are presented: sometimes hung non-linearly on the wall, they are often assembled in self-supporting structures, in the form of folding screens or polygons.

A 2018 graduate of Ewha Womans University in South Korea, she has been exhibited in Seoul in "Panorama", at the Songeun Foundation, at the 12th Mediacity Biennale at SeMA, at the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art; in Suwon at the Suwon Ipark Museum of Art ; in Cheongju, at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art; in Busan at the Busan Museum of Art and in Hong Kong at the Korean Cultural Center.

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