Paris — New York

Marc Desgrandchamps

Painter / Draftsman

Marc Desgrandchamps was born 1960 in Sallanches. He lives and works in Lyon.



Marc Desgrandchamps (born in 1960) lives and works in Lyon (France). Marc Desgrandchamps, leading painter figure painter of the French art scene, plays with the notions of opacity, transparency and superimposition. If his painting is figurative, indeed we recognize bodies and landscapes, the perspective is often twisted, space is indefinite, and suddenly anomalies arise: bodies and objects are fragmented. His works references comes from many universes (art history, photography, cinema, literature and music), it raises the question of the medium’ specificities and experiences the limits of figuration. He paints, according to his own words, " a painting of doubt, doubt of the figure, doubt of presence, doubt even of painting". Another recurrent motif in its artistic practice, the feminine figure, and especially the one of the bathers, occupies a central place. Marc Desgrandchamps has benefited from several major exhibitions, especially in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Strasbourg (2004), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon (2004), the Kunstmuseum in Bonn (2005), the National Museum of Modern Art - Centre Georges Pompidou (2006), as well as an important retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris (2011). In addition, his work is present in French institutional collections (FRAC Ile-de-France - Le Plateau in Paris, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Saint-Étienne, Regional Museum of Contemporary Art Languedoc-Roussillon in Sérignan, Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Strasbourg).